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I'm noticing that whenever I submit a song that I really like, Newgrounds hates it. Whenever I submit something I hate, Newgrounds jumps on its dick and loves it.

How interesting.

In other news, crotch.
We're trying to get a live show, but because of our loud, obnoxious nature, it's rather difficult.
Oh well. We'll get booked eventually.

Newgrounds : Sweaty, disgusting vagina?

Zero! Hooray!

2007-07-26 01:23:08 by goukahn

You know, dearies, if you're not particularly fond of a song, that doesn't immediately justify you in voting a zero on it. Perhaps it's more deserving of a one, or a two.
Maybe a three, if something in the song made you chuckle.

But an instant zero?

Oh dear, Newgrounds.
Oh dear indeed.

Voting zero on any of our songs means that you are a cunt and you submit to us sexually.

And if you don't like our music, I hope it makes you fucking deaf.

Zero! Hooray!